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Download The Sims 3 Expansion Pack & Stuff Pack (CRACKED)

The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion Pack. This page will start as a listing of new features in World Adventures, and gradually expand to include articles on all the new features, as well as updates to existing guides that have been improved. Here we'll go over just what you get when you buy the World Adventures expansion. Look for links on this page for more information on certain topics. We're working hard to get the new content out as quickly as possible. One day this page will serve as a gateway for most information related to the expansion.

The Main Feature: Travel
The biggest addition to The Sims 3 brought by World Adventures is the ability to travel to three destinations in the world. This feature acts a bit like a vacation. You'll go home after a set amount of days based on your traveling Sims' combined VISA levels. These VISA points add up and eventually unlock new levels. Having a higher level, combined with lifetime rewards and certificates of partnership with those countries will eventually extend the time frame you can stay in a country from three days to a full eighteen with a single Sim. Other members of your Sim's family who come along will also add their travel days to the tally, bringing it up to a potential of 72 days in a foreign land.

The New Travel Destinations
Simmers can travel to three places from around the world. In travel destinations, you can meet with the locals and form new friendships, experience an entirely different map to explore and pursue adventures. There is a specific skill associated with each area, which will be detailed in their associated guides. The new locations are:

  • Al Simhara, Egypt - This place sells the best cameras in the game and is the unofficial "home" of the new Photography skill because of this. This place features the most challenging adventures in the game for some Sims, because there are mummies inside which can put a deadly curse on your Sim.
  • Champs Les Sims, France - Here Sims can learn to make nectar. Nectar Making allows Sims to brew drinks to serve at parties or to themselves, which give a nice mood boost when consumed. France has a beautiful countryside setting and features some unique dungeons to explore.
  • Shang Simla, China - Home to Martial Arts, a new skill that works with the athletic skill to improve a Sim's fighting ability. It's the only place to get started in this popular skill. There are some neat sites to see, such as the Terracotta Army and the Dragon Cave.
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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 Island Paradise arrives June 25, and I will of course be covering the new features of the Expansion Pack. This time, I'm summarizing information from press releases to describe the biggest gameplay features of the new EP to inform visitors who'd like to know what to expect when they buy it. I'll link new articles to this page as they come. I cannot start until I've got a copy in my hands, and I don't get it any earlier than any other Sims player. As stated, I compiled this from press releases. The page combines information and screenshots that EA has released over the months since announcing the IP Expansion.

Isla Paradiso
Island Paradise's new town is called Isla Paradiso. This new tropical world has vast seas with islands to explore and make your home. The setting provides for many new activities for Sims that involve the water, like snorkeling, house boats, lifeguards, mermaids, resorts, and beach parties. The World features Uncharted Islands that Sims can unlock to find treasure chests and collectibles, and maybe even meet Mermaids. Sims will be able to use poolside bars, sleep in bungalows and walk across hot coals at beach parties. The setting is there, and this is yet another Sims 3 World that will look great with the Seasons Expansion Pack. EA didn't disappoint in making a beautiful island setting for us, and players who preorder the limited edition through Origin will get loads of extra content, such as the Island Survival pack that lets you dress your Sims as though they're surviving a shipwreck on a desert island. Beach activities have been expanded with more ways to have fun and relax in the sunshine, like building sandcastles with the kids, sunbathing on beach towels, splashing in the ocean water, and riding in paddleboat.

Diving Skill: Snorkeling and Scuba
Sims can now explore beneath the water with the new Snorkeling and Scuba skills. This means that EA has included a variety of sea life that Sims can interact with, sea shells and bottom-dwelling fish. including Be wary as Sharks may want to eat your Sim for lunch. As Sims explore new dive spots, they will level the skill and it will allow them to find sunken treasure. Down below, Sims can dive for pearls and sell seashells. Sims who wish can explore underwater caves to search for treasures, but all must be wary of the Kraken that lives in its cave beneath the ocean depths. Sims can drown, running out of air, and will not be able to dive constantly, as a moodlet will block them -- but we all know testing cheats will probably take care of that. The new Steel Lungs Lifetime Reward should help with this as well.
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The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 Supernatural is focused on bringing new life states to the game, and establishes an appropriate setting for these creatures to live in one town with Moonlight Falls. This guide will cover the largest gameplay additions for owners of this Expansion Pack.

First, let me point out that the new Supernatural states can be selected in Create-a-Sim. So, you can start with Sims of any type save for Mummies, Simbots, Imaginary Friends or the Supernatural Zombie. This means that including those listed below, you can also make Ghosts and Genies in CAS.

Note the new option to customize the look of your Supernaturals. You can change a fairy's wings, give vampires fangs and tattoos and change your Werewolf's look when transformed. Check the links below for full information on each.

  • Fairy fairies are tricksters that can project Auras that can be beneficial to Sims. They can also shrink down to interact with a few objects. They regain magical power while inside the Fairy House or the new Train Set. You can visit (or woohoo in) the Fairy Arboretum lot. Sims can look for fairies here and get fairy dust, or request to become a fairy themselves.
  • Werewolf Werewolves here are the classic type, an ugly distorted face with a very hairy body. Their speciality is their ability to use their heightened senses to hunt insects, gems, and metals. They undergo a forced transformation at the full moon. While in werewolf form they can bite other Sims to curse them with Lycanthropy and make them change two days later.
  • Witch Witches get a variety of spells to use to benefit themselves and other Sims, curse Sims by turning them into a Toad and can even turn one collectible like a seed into something else, like a gem or fish. They regenerate magical power by flying in the new Broom Arena. They can also magically upgrade objects. Upgrade a wardrobe to make it magical, which will work like the time machine or graveyards catacombs. Sims can also woohoo in a magical wardrobe.
  • Vampire Vampires are not new, they came with Late Night. They come with either expansion. They've been updated a bit to have their own Lifetime Wish, Turn the Town (drink from 20 Sims and convert 5 into vampires). They can wear sunscreen to minimize the effects of the sun, or take the new Immortallifetime reward to avoid the Sun's effects permanently and stop aging. There are also a few new interactions available to vampires, and their fangs can be customized in CAS.
  • Zombie This new life state is quite Simple. Zombies are socially inept, move slowly, and exist only to annoy Sims with their moaning interactions and an attempt to bite them. If they succeed, the Sim will be transformed to a Zombie for two full days after suffering an apparent death. Protect your gardenfrom these with fences and gates.
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The Sims 3 University Life Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 University Life is the ninth Expansion Pack for The Sims 3. The Expansion adds social groups, new career options, three new skills and a fully-featured University campus Sims will travel to in order to seek their degrees in one of six majors. This guide will cover all the new additions that the EP brings to TS3, which may aid your decision to buy University Life or inform you of new features when you've just purchased it.

Sim University
Most of the new content in The Sims 3 University Life is centered on the new University Campus town. When a Sim enrolls in University, they'll be whisked away World Adventures-style to the new location while time freezes back at home. The campus features buildings like administration, a lecture hall, sports arena and hangouts for the three new social groups. Learn more about enrolling in the University in our Enrollment and Aptitude Test Guide.

Sims may select one of five Majors to earn their degree. Each of them are similarly structured, requiring Sims to attend class, lectures, and hands-on learning activities. Sims will need to keep their progress up by studying, attending class and learning skills that benefit their Major. When you have earned enough credits by passing classes, your Sim graduates and gets the degree, and a boost in careers related to their degree. This raises their starting career level and lets them earn more money. Learn more about the various majors in the guide to Majors and Getting a Degree.

New Skills
There are three new skills in The Sims 3 University Life:
  • Science - The Science skill allows Sims to clone themselves, other Sims, and collectible objects. Most of the skill revolves around collectibles and this cloning. They are also able to get access to the new life state in The Sims 3 University Life - PlantSims.
  • Social Networking - Social Networking allows your Sims to make money as a blogger and manipulate the relationships of other Sims around them.
  • Street Art - Street Art lets Sims make graffiti around town. It doesn't have to be vandalism, as these skills are highly desirable by the city looking for skilled artists to decorate the town.
  • Photography - University Life gives Simmers the Photography skill from World Adventures.
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The Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 Generations expansion brings many exciting new possibilities for Sims of all ages. Generations focuses on enriching the lives of your Sims. This Guide to the new features brought by this expansion will give you a summary of what's new and link you to in-depth articles for the most important gameplay elements.

New Profession - Day Care
Sims can now take up Daycare by reading the newspaper or using the computer. This will invite children to your Sim's home and they'll be paid for watching them. It gets a little harder with more children, but the system gives you time to improve. Check out the guide to this profession through the link above.

Pranks and Punishment - Kids and Teens
Children can set booby traps, while Teenagers refine the art and can pull off Pranks. These give the rascals a good mood bump and are entertaining to watch. The wicked little pranksters can set up most everything in the house to blow, from whoopee cushions in the couch, to sinks and toilets. However, when they get caught, they can be disciplined by mom and dad. Check the pranks guide to learn more about discipline and punishments.

Making Memories
One of the new features of Generations is the ability to record video with a camera and review it on television. This is fairly cool, but with it comes a bit of a nuisance. At first, you will find it interesting to learn that your Sims now take note of big events in their life - first kiss, learning to drive. But the number of these can be overwhelming and sometimes silly. If you take a family of five on vacation they'll likely all show a popup denoting the new memory. If the notifications were crowded to you before, you'll want to turn this feature off. For people who stick it out, sharing memories can lead to achievements and clothing unlocks.
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The Sims 3 Into The Future Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 Into the Future Expansion Pack introduces a new Futuristic World and Skills, Careers, Objects, Sim clothing and hairstyles to fit the experience. This summary of Expansion features will let you know what you'll get when you buy Into the Future and link you to in-depth strategy guides for the new gameplay elements. Into the Future is the last Expansion Pack, heralding The Sims 4 which is currently planned for release in Fall 2014. With some exploration, you will find little easter eggs and teasers for TS4. I'll feature plenty of screenshots on this page to show off this beautiful Expansion.

The Future World of Oasis Landing

Oasis Landing is not a world you choose when creating a new game, but one that Sims can travel to (much like a travel destination in World Adventures or Attending Sim University. When first loading the game, a Time Traveler named Emit Relevart will appear and give you an Opportunity to help him. Once this easy task is completed, you are given an Almanac of Time and the ability to use the Time Portal to visit the Future. While a Sim (or Group of Sims) is in Oasis Landing, time will freeze back home while the Sims time traveling will continue to age and may gain skills, join careers, or simply have fun and enjoy Futuristic amenities.

If you are looking for a Time Portal, you can find them in Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Outdoors > Outdoor Activies. It's the Wellsian Time Portal for $725. The Portal that appears in your world can be Deactivated and then placed in your Sim's inventory, so you can choose where you place it. While the portal is active, click Travel to the Future (or Travel to the Future with..) to head on in.

An Introduction to the Future

Most of the more complex mechanics are covered further in this guide, but there are some interesting things about Oasis Landing and the technology that developed over the years. First, there is no Ocean, but a Wasteland outside any of the Futures you visit. I'll leave reading the storyline and discovering why up to you. Advanced Technology reigns and Sim life fully revolves around it. Cars hover and Sims can get around on the ZEPHYR monorail system, pictured above. Elevators are engineered into tubes that move faster than usual and televisions are now projected like holograms in ultra high definition. The internet has been changed to a holoweb and the floating Orb computers can be used anywhere. Plumbots serve Sims in shops and out in town, while others are Sentient and free-thinking Robots. You are able to buy and upgrade these. Sims can get around on Windcarvers, which are like skateboards that hover. This can be used instead of walking when you click it in the inventory. Sims can also travel by Jet Pack, but you should be aware of the dangers of that activity and have plenty of Advanced Technology skill to use them, so see that section on this page. In fact, many of the new objects depend upon your Advanced Technology skill level to determine what will happen when you use them and the animations Sims use while performing those actions.
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The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 Late Night was a highly anticipated expansion by Simmers who love watching Sims get down, socialize, and party. In this Guide to Late Night (remember, it's not called Night Life), I'll provide a list of new objects and gameplay features. Nothing in-depth, rather information that will help you to be sure you're experiencing everything the game has to offer. It may even help you decide whether The Sims 3 Late Night is an expansion you'll enjoy. Lastly, this guide will serve as a gateway to find other information exclusive to this expansion.

A New Life in the City: Bridgeport

The new city in The Sims 3 is Bridgeport. Simmers who wanted an apartment life now have it, and there's sparsely available land on which to build a traditional home. Instead, we're presented with high-rise apartment buildings. Parking space is also limited, and Sims may now use mass transit in the form of a subway system to get around.

With the city, comes city life. Bridgeport's denizens and underbelly make Sunset Valley townies seem ultra-conservative. Woohoo can now be undertaken in hot tubs and elevators. Sims are more likely to head to a bar, lounge, or dance club than the park for their weekend kicks. As you'd expect, the full breadth of these features can't really be enjoyed in a town. Late Night is about club hopping and trying to find the hottest party atmosphere around.

Party Time!
Late Night's biggest feature in a nutshell is its Night Life. Bridgeport is filled with places to hang out and party. Dance Clubs, Lounges, and Bars dot the city, inviting Sims' money and beckoning them to let loose. A slew of new social interactions both on the fun and romantic sides now present themselves to allow Sims to show us just how much they're enjoying the night life.

Celebrities can be spotted in clubs, and can be wooed for your Sims to be allowed to share their company. Player-controlled Sims can even climb the ladder of fame. Celebrity Sims get occasional gifts, even some exclusive objects, on a regular basis. They can hang with celebrities and move their way up the social ladder. Paparazzi will photograph celebs. The entire scene makes Late Night feel like it's placed in the Thirty Mile Zone.
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The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack

The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack adds something many Sims players have been waiting for, Pet Ownership. This guide will give you an overview of the new stuff you can use in-game, and link to in-depth articles about each new gameplay element.

Multi-Platform: Two Major Differences
The Sims 3 Pets was released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in addition to the usual PC/Mac release. Console players do not get horses, nor small animals like lizards, snakes, and rodents, but most other information should be pretty close. Just an FYI, we PC players are much happier with what we get overall. If you want a deeper experience, keep an eye out for a good multi-expansion pack bundle in the future. If you're reading this on a modern PC, it's very likely you can play it. If you are a Sims 3 console player, we do have a section on our forum where you can connect with each other.

Pet Traits and Learning
Large Pets have traits, just like Sims. They will learn new traits as the game progresses, and aren't limited to five trait choices like Sims. There are loads of options for tweaking your Pet's behavior. They'll gradually develop traits as they perform certain activities, and Sims can scold or praise behaviors to influence how quickly they are picked up. We'll add a guide to Pet traits as soon as we can. The descriptions are in-game, but we're interested in figuring out the actions Pets can perform to reveal traits, so you can make an animal that behaves however you like.
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